about us

About us

I live and run my fashion school in Velacheri and am married, have a boy Kiran. I have an obsessive love of sewing, which has driven my career through a wide range of sewing related experiences.
My love of embroidery and needlework led me to pursue a career in Fashion Designing. I also conduct regular classes and workshops for various paintings, arts & crafts.

I always enjoyed "hands on work" and gained experience working with various experts. My qualifications and experience opened career opportunity. By 2011, I determined to offer sewing courses, arts and crafts workshop, now known as Kiran Fashion School (affiliated to USHA International Sewing School).

Freedom of choice is the main reason that students sew these days. When getting your clothes custom made, you are able to have them created exactly the way you want them. You have the opportunity to select the styles, fabrics, colors and designs. You will never have to worry about your clothing hanging too long or being too short! Every garment that is created by you is made strictly according to your own body measurements, so you get a perfect fit everytime!

I teach sewing, painting, arts & crafts at your pace and can go back and explain each stage as many times as you need, so come and enjoy in the company of like-minded enthusiasts, sewers and painters.




We offer various sewing courses, affiliated to USHA International Sewing School.