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Certificate in Garment Construction

COURSE DURATION: 3 Months (2 hrs Session per day)

Students will learn about, basic level Saree Blouse with and without lining, Saree Blouse with piping, Plain Kameez with and without lining, Yoke Kameez , Collar Kameez, Salwar, Gathering Pants, Petticoat, A Line Frock, Simple Frock, Pattu Pavadai and Nightie.

Students will learn, Garment Details, Sewing Machine Practice, Basic Seams, How to Take Body & Dress Measurements, Calculations & Pattern Drafting, Fabric folding method, Stitching Techniques and Step by step construction method.

Special features like, piping, cord piping, facing, patch work, zip fixing, collar, neck designs, different sleeves and decorative stitches will be taught.

All students are required to maintain a record, consisting of detailed notes on pattern making. All paper pattern for different styles should be properly filed.

We are open 09:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday to Friday
Holidays = Saturdays, Sunday and all Public Holidays